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Social Living

What is social living?
Is it following what the society does? or is used to do?
How's following the "rules" the safe thing to do?
Why do I think this is not something which is discussed so often?
Yet we talk about all these social networking websites and how people express themselves.
Is it really freedom of speech?
Your mom, dad, your sister, brother is on facebook.
Do you really want to tell them about your binge drinking escapade that happened last night?
How's that for social networking?
Does the word "social" intersect with the word "family"?
Don't know about a lot of history but as far I can see it seems like more its repeating itself.
The further we move away from the truth, the further we are categorized as sane.
The further we move towards the truth, we are either insane or genius.
In my opinion, thats how I would divide human beings.